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Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

This actually pisses me off quite a bit, that you would even say this. 

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One of the more helpful and insightful things I’ve seen about depression/suicide in the last couple of days.

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If someone were to die at the age of 63 after a lifelong battle with MS or Sickle Cell, we’d all say they were a “fighter” or an “inspiration.” But when someone dies after a lifelong battle with severe mental illness and drug addiction, we say it was a tragedy and tell everyone “don’t be like him, please seek help.” That’s bullshit. Robin Williams sought help his entire life. He saw a psychiatrist. He quit drinking. He went to rehab. He did this for decades. That’s HOW he made it to 63. For some people, 63 is a fucking miracle. I know several people who didn’t make it past 23 and I’d do anything to have 40 more years with them.

My dog literally shakes as he watches TV. and ignores me when I talk to him. He’s a child trapped in a dogs body.


Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

August 30th.

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this show is legitimately why I’m so weird

That mummy legit gave me nightmares when that episode came out

Yo Fred tho!!!

Favorite cartoon of all time

"I’ve been nauuuuughtyyyy"

I used to be low key scared…

I was terrifieddddd of this show

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